After attending this training with Jason, I changed my approach to sales and lead generation. I learned how easy it was to generate new business. In the three months following the event, I have closed more than $160,000 in new business using the exact techniques I learned. I will never go back to waiting on referrals. ~ Drew Pearson CEO of Ninja Multi Media

What is Generate Leads Every Day?

Over the past twelve months, I have shown my clients a way to generate 25+ leads a day, and convert 20% of the leads to opportunities. This strategy is yielding huge results for them within one week of launching their campaigns.

Generate Leads Every Day is an ONLINE PROGRAM for service based businesses. The program give you real world strategies and provides a new way for you to generate leads very quickly and easily.

Imagine how your business would change with an extra 25 leads a week. I can tell you that my 1-on-1 clients are generating a lot more. How would that change your business?

"Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been learning from you and how much I appreciate it. I’ve been going through your Lead Generation class and I finally feel like I’m learning something applicable to a digital agency business. It’s crazy, I’ve gone through a ton of other programs and yours is the first with real direction that I know can work for our business type. Worth every penny." ~ Matthew Arndt CEO of Turbo Medical Marketing

Here’s What You Will Walk Away With:

  • Knowledge on how to generate quality leads right away.
  • A new way to capture leads.
  • Ways to establish authority and creditability with prospects and clients.
  • How to quickly turn leads into opportunities.
  • Ideas to cut your closing cycle in half.

Here is a Breakdown of What is Covered in Each System.

Generate Leads Every Day will show you the proven lead generation strategies that are working for agencies. We’re going to take a very new approach and I think you’ll be surprised.

System 1: Funnel – Uncover a way to cut your closing cycle in half and increase your chances of winning by 20X.

System 2: Create – Discover a new way to capture leads that your competition is missing out on.

System 3: Trust – Establish authority and creditability with your market.

System 4: Market – Learn how to generate quality leads, right away using Facebook ads.

System 5: Convert – Discover how to turn your leads into opportunities.


Q: Do I need to buy a list?

A: No, no, no. We will create a system that builds your list through social media and Facebook. Pretty amazing how we can do this. You will love it.

Q: What if I don’t want to use Facebook?

A: Facebook is an amazing tool and anything that I show you on Facebook can be applied to LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other paid media. If you do not think your audience is on Facebook, I would love to challenge you. 🙂

Q: How much time do I need to invest in making this program successful?

A: It depends on each person, but if you invest an hour a week you can start getting results pretty soon.

Q: How much will I need to spend on driving traffic?

A: The main thing I will show you is how to drive the right targeted traffic from Facebook. Every campaign we setup starts at $20/ day until we prove it works and then we will increase it from there. My typical clients end up paying $100/day for 20-55 leads each day.

Q: How long do I have access to the materials?

A: Forever. We believe you should get access to the systems you pay for as long as you’d like, so do not feel you have to keep pace with the lessons. You can always go back to them later on.

Q: What exactly do I get with program?

A: You will get: Online Training System Worksheets Ready-to-use resources that will help you generate leads every day. Membership to a private Facebook group, where you can interact with other like-minded agency owners.

Q: How is everything delivered to me?

A: By email. You’ll be sent instructions direct to your inbox on how to access the materials through our exclusive online portal.