Do You Struggle With...

  • Spending long nights on lengthy proposals?
  • Giving away your best ideas for FREE?
  • Your proposal process is long & complicated?
  • Struggling to close the right prospects?
  • Spending valuable time only to find the wrong prospect?
  • “Sure Fire” deals that propose an Amazing deal only to get ghosted?

How to get paid upfront for your strategy in less than 1 hour.

How to run the paid strategy workshop that positions you as "The Only Choice." 

How to create a sales process that doesn’t require expensive, unreliable sales people.

Implementing the foot in the door framework is the single biggest game changer in our agency. It’s increased our conversion 1000%. It also made it seamless from cold conversation to warm conversation to long term paying clients.

Jeremy Weisz, Founder Rise25

Most agencies waste too much time with the wrong prospects, missing great opportunities.

  • Discover how to identify the right prospects in 15 minutes.  
  • How to get more sales by NOT SELLING. 
  • Charge $500 to $3000 dollars for your strategy. 
  • How to create SIMPLE proposals where the clients UPSELL themselves. 
  • Close 5 to 6 figure deals at an 80% close rate.

This Foot in the Door Blueprint was developed by Ian Garlic, Founder and CEO of AuthenticWeb, his 7-figure video marketing agency that has grown exponentially over the past ten years. 

Up until now, Ian has only shared it with a few select agency owners in the Digital Agency Elite mastermind who have found it to be the single most impactful change to their business. 

We will teach his exact method of getting paid for proposals and closing deals faster.

Stop wasting time and money and brainpower on free proposals. 

Do you want to...

  • Get paid $500 to $3,000 for your proposal.
  • Identify your perfect clients before an engagement.
  • Harness the weapon of "persuasion consistency.”
  • Make the perfect prospects into paid clients in less than 60 minutes.
  • Learn their exact buying triggers.
  • Train a non-sales person to take all of the work off of your plate.
  • Learn the Foot in the Door Framework that wows clients.
  • Use the Foot in the Door Framework to create irresistible proposals.
  • Close bigger deals faster, more often.
  • Onboard clients seamlessly.
  • The marketing mindset shift to obtains better results FASTER.  

We've worked in the agency world for over 20 years. 

Like almost all Agency Owners, we first started with... 

  • Extensive FREE plans
  • All night presentation preparation.
  • RFPs where we heavily discounted and maybe closed 30% of the time.
  • We wasted money.
  • We wasted time. 
  • The effort was huge and we often delayed closing the client.  

Does this sound familiar?

You then get into the meeting and the client glazes over. They ask questions where they obviously paid no attention to your proposal. Then they simply compare who costs the least.

Then found out the client is unresponsive at best. You flesh out the strategy, which delays execution, making clients unhappy, or worse they take the strategy somewhere else.

Over 20 years we've honed and refined the process to close 90% of the ideal prospect on strategy.

We have even closed some that we charged a premium because they are going to be a pain in the A$$ client :)

The clients find the Foot in the Door Blueprint Process much more valuable.

We wow clients by the process. 

When it comes time for the proposal there is no “selling” 

In fact, the less you try to sell, the bigger deals you will close.

The last one I didn’t even think the client wanted services and closed a $37k deal. 

How does this sound?  

In this process we're going to show you:

  • How to STOP selling and be seen as THE EXPERT.
  • How to quickly vet your ideal clients in 10 minutes.
  • Why your current proposal is way too long and (and what to do instead)
  • Exactly how to position your strategy.
  • Why you should stop rushing to create a proposal. 
  • How to make the clients sell (and upsell) themselves.  



Six one hour office hours with Ian to get help with the framework.
(Value $6000)

My exact proposal template that I used at my agency and agreement.
Value ($199)


40+ masterclasses of insider video marketing tactic that have earned millions in the past year.
(Value $297)