Best Ways for Capturing More Leads?… #AskSwenk Episode 18

By Jason Swenk on August 5, 2015

4 Steps to Capturing More Leads… Hook, Line, and Sinker

There’s a big difference between generating leads and capturing leads… and it’s a lot like fishing. Think about the term “fishing” for a moment. Do you actually want to “go fishing” or do you really want to “go catching”? To be successful, it’s the latter.

You can go fishing by dropping a pole in a random location with random bait and you might get lucky, but usually, you just spend tons of time and come up empty. BUT, if you have some strategy in place: the right location, the right bait, and the right tools you will have greater chances for success.

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1. Know WHO you’re fishing for:

Be very specific on who your ideal client is. You know who you can help, so don’t be afraid of reaching out to that very particular target. For example, when you start out fishing you already know what type of fish you’re going out for, like red snapper or blue marlin. Be THAT specific in your business.

2. Know WHERE the fish are:

Red snapper are near the reef at the bottom of the sea while blue marlin is at the weed line and found while trolling. Learn where your fish are congregating and capture them there. Is it Facebook, Linkedin? Do they use a specific technology? “Fish where the fish are biting!”

3. Know WHAT bait attract your fish:

When you’re fishing, it might be lures or live bait, which could be worms, crickets or even other fish. In business, your bait is your lead magnet. What is something of value that you can provide for free that solves a problem or fills a need your prospects have? Prove you are valuable right away by giving them something they love in exchange for their contact information and they’ll be hooked!

4. Know WHEN to pull the line in:

You can be in the right place and bait the right fish but you can still lose the catch if you try reeling in the line too soon. Avoid having your prospects jump the line by using a nurture campaign that educates while building a relationship of trust and establishing your authority.

In fishing and in business, if you don’t know the who, where, what and when of the catch you’re going after you’ll end up unprepared and empty-handed.


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