How to Face Agency Challenges During the Coronavirus Crisis | Q&A Session

By Jason Swenk on April 2, 2020

We are in uncertain times right now and so many agencies are facing challenges as a result of the global coronavirus crisis. Agencies are struggling with everything from cash flow and clients canceling to laying off employees. The silver lining is that no matter where your geographic location, we’re all in this together. We are all up against the same issues. That’s why I brought on a panel agency owners just like you to ask their questions and get real-time answers.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How can you serve agency clients whose businesses are on temporary shut down due to the stay-at-home order?
  • How can you find short term opportunities while also focusing on longterm growth for your agency?
  • What to do if clients ask to cancel or pause their contract.
  • Is it OK to go after outbound sales during this time?
  • What are ways to provide goodwill right now without devaluing your agency’s services when things turnaround?
  • How to find opportunities while so many businesses are cutting back and experiencing hardship.
  • Is it wrong to prepare clients for a return to normalcy when we have no idea how long that will take?
  • Should you pivot your agency’s marketing if you’re targeting people who are now forced to be at home?
  • Should you layoff your team or dip into a line of credit in order to make payroll awhile longer?
  • What should agencies not be doing right now?
  • Should you be running Google ad campaigns right now for your agency’s services?
  • How do you respond to clients who want to pull back their marketing during the crisis?


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