Here’s What You Need to Do With Your eBook

By Jason Swenk on July 1, 2015

Someone wrote in and asked what they can do with their eBook that is not performing as expected. They’re feeling like they’ve wasted a lot of time and money… NOT TRUE!

If you have separate sections or chapters in your eBook, slice those up into video content. Videos are powerful and engaging. You can choose to do the “face-on-camera” style videos (like mine) or webinar style, where it’s text and a voice over. The important thing is to get that content out there in a different way!

Videos Are Easier to Consume Than eBooks

We live in a busy world and people will download your book with the best intention of reading it, but they may never get to the end where you’ve got the call to action. An eBook has one conversion point. If you can divide the content into sections and deliver it in smaller chunks, it’s easier to digest and you get to end each video with a call to action…. which means multiple conversion points. I think we can agree that more conversion points will yield more sales.

Shorter Videos Have Bigger Results

Everyone is short on time – so keep your videos informative but brief. Be helpful and provide value. You need your viewer to digest the information, take action and see immediate results. This establishes you as an authority and builds a relationship of trust.

Create your videos in a short series building on one another. I use LeadPages, which has some really cool templates and a feature for timing in a call to action button during the video. There’s lots of great software out there, so find the program that works best for your needs.

When you launch the video series make sure you explain what will be learned in each one to create some intrigue. I send my videos out a few days apart and set it up so they have to be watched in order and there is a call to action on EVERY VIDEO.

2 Things You Can Do with your eBook Right Now

1- Slice up the eBook content into 3-4 chunks of information and turn them into videos

  • Shoot your videos either face-on-camera or webinar style
  • Sequence your videos in a series that builds on one another
  • Have a call to action on each video for more conversion points

2- Create a lead magnet to launch the first video

  • Develop or re-work your eBook landing page to describe it as video training
  • Explain the takeaways for in each video

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