What Are You Doing Wrong On Your Agency Website?

By Jason Swenk on May 27, 2014

In this session of The Smart Agency Master Class, I chat with Alex Harris, of Alex Designs,  a company specializing in conversion rate optimization, landing page optimization, and e-commerce web design. Alex talks to us about value propositions and what your website is doing wrong right now.

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I’ve said it before, and Alex will say it again – it’s all about your niche. You need to define your unique role within your own space.

You have to understand who your target audience is so that you can gain a clear understanding of their needs. Once you’ve identified these two things, you will be able to create your unique value proposition and target to your audience. This value proposition will help show the target audience you are a credible authority within your niche.

Alex was doing conversion rate optimization before anyone else. This was (and is) his value proposition, and he positioned himself as the leader. He remained number one in the industry for years and did so by clearly defining his goals and understanding his target audience.

Failure and moving forward.

[quote]Failure doesn’t mean you’ll never succeed.[/quote]

You need to learn from your mistakes and move forward. When asked how to get passed a particular barrier, Alex gives these tips:

  • Decide your mindset. Are you a dabbler? A stressor? Or are you a master?
  • Learn from your failure.
  • Find other people who have overcome similar barriers and seek advice.

Don’t forget to keep seeking clarity. Failure can be a hard blow, one that clouds your vision. Keep your eye on the prize, though. Once you know where you’re going, you can create the necessary steps to get yourself there.

How to set micro-goals.

You have to continuously push yourself to accomplish and succeed, but you can’t focus on everything. Alex uses micro-goals: small, manageable goals to be reached within 90-day time periods. “It’s not about 5-10 year goals anymore. Things now move so quickly that shorter timeframes are better.”

What are you doing wrong on your website right now?

According to Alex, you need to be doing better on clarity and consistency. Make sure that no matter where on your site the user is, they clearly understand what you do. Your value proposition needs to be prominent on each page. Use good message matching to ensure that no matter what page of your website a user lands on, it’s consistent with their search.

You also need to be giving away something in return for getting their email addresses. How about a free PDF download of some of your best tips or helpful infographics? You want to get the user to like you and to trust you, so that you’re able to nurture and convert.

What’s Alex’s #1 tip?

Set up a feedback loop. Find out what your best customers like and keep doing it. Find out what people don’t like and stop doing it. Alex’s choice for helping with this is Qualaroo, to help identify and capitalize on web visitor revenue opportunities.


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