The Top Digital Agency Resources for Driving Agency New Business

By Jason Swenk on December 15, 2015

Creating an inflow of new clients and business can be difficult without the best digital agency resources available to you.

If you want the following:

  • digital agency resourcesFind innovative ways to attract new business
  • Improve agency operations
  • Discover agency best practices
  • Find an industry community or peer-to-peer group
  • Discover digital marketing research results
  • Learn new agency training for your management team

Then make sure you check out my Top 11 Digital Agency Resources.

“You’re good. Get better.” ~ Don Draper

I’m often asked how I know so much about scaling digital agencies. Sure, I founded and ran a big digital agency for 12 years. But what’s the real secret for driving agency new business? A huge part of our success is continually “practicing what we preach”. We self-test every innovative tactics, tweak every process and evolve our systems before ever advising a client on them.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” ~ Steve Jobs

It’s my drive for continually educating myself on our ever-changing industry and adapting with those changes which makes me successful as an advisor and coach for agency new business. I marry my natural instincts, core knowledge and past experiences to the evolving technologies and trends of the industry to innovate strategies that help digital agencies move forward in their journey to grow and scale.

Here is an on-going list of my favorite Digital Agency Resources:

1. Smart Agency Master Class Podcast

Of course I am going to rank this one #1:) A podcast hosted by me with topics relating to growing and scaling agencies. Podcast guests include agency owners, industry experts and thought leaders who provide insight and immediately actionable strategies for building a successful agency.

Twitter: @JSwenk

2. Hubspot’s Agency Post

A blog managed by Hubspot that is geared toward agency professionals. Posts touch on topics such as: lead generation, client relations, internal issues, leadership, and business growth.
Twitter: @AgencyPost

3. Conversion Cast

A podcast produced by Leadpages that provides real-life case studies from marketers who are in the trenches. These marketers share hard data and provide information on one tactics they used to increase their numbers.
Twitter: @ConversionCast

4. Agencies Drinking Beer

A podcast hosted by the Founders of Proposify (and former agency owners) who interview digital agency owners from around the world to hear stories and learn practical lessons.
Twitter: @Proposify

5. SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies)

SoDA serves as a network and voice for entrepreneurs and innovators around the globe who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences. The society is the primary global organization focused on leading and representing digital agencies and production companies in collaboration, knowledge sharing and support.
Twitter: @SoDAspeaks

6. 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies)

A national trade association representing agencies in the U.S. Members benefit from consulting services, professional development, government relations, research services and employee benefits support.
Twitter: @4As

7. The Good Pitch

A British site dedicated to client/agency pitches. The research-based information includes best practices such as: efficiencies in pitching costs, alternatives, and toolkit items for successful pitches.
Twitter: @TheGoodPitch

8. The Drum

As a global media platform and the largest marketing website in Europe, The Drum is dedicated to showcasing, celebrating and inspiring great work by providing industry news from around the globe. In addition to reporting, The Drum hosts live events and peer-learning communities. Based in Glasgow, London and New York City.
Twitter: @TheDrum

9. Convince & Convert

Both media and consulting site led by Jay Baer, content marketing and social media expert. Content from Convince & Convert can be consumed by blog, podcast and Baer’s five books. Consulting is provided in areas of strategy, content and social.
Twitter: @Convince


A hub for marketing industry professionals created by Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz) and Dharmesh Shah (founder of Hubspot). Members of the organization can post jobs, ask questions and share ideas by commenting, connecting, interacting and learning from one another.
Twitter: @Inboundorg

11. DoInbound

Education and project management software for inbound agencies. Different from other platforms, DoInbound integrates planning with execution, ties activities to results and keeps processes where the work is done.
Twitter: @DoInbound

Elevate Your Agency

With the best digital agency resources, you lay down a strong foundation for your agency to grow as well as your revenue and reputation. If there are other struggles you are experiencing in your agency, I can help you get through these obstacles.

I can give you advice on how to increase conversions on your website, how to snap up client opportunities as well as ways to build authority to improve your agency.

If growth is your focus, I’ve the different phases of growth within your agency and the three questions you need to ask yourself to sell more of your digital agency services.

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