How to Get the CMO’s Attention if you are a Digital Agency

By Jason Swenk on September 9, 2014

In this episode I sit down with Evan Kramer, Chief Marketing Officer at The Neat Company. We cover the following:

  1. Understanding a CMO’s Decision-Making
  2. How to Get Their Attention
  3. What To Do When a New CMO Comes In

How to get the CMO’s attention?

Evan, like a lot of CMOs, is very data driven. If an agency can really assess performance in a holistic way, it’s a big bonus. Agencies need to be comprehensive in respect to their integrative portfolio, as well as individual campaign performance.

The second attention-grabber is showing that you really understand the client’s business and their capabilities. Each client has a different type of infrastructure, each with its own good and bad points. Your agency needs to know that infrastructure and how the client works within it.

How does a CMO find an agency?

It’s not always by general RFP. Evan’s company just went through the process of finding a new agency because they were shifting their business model. Because of the shift, they wanted to find an agency who had clients like them, and already understood their unique position.

Evan looked at a small, a medium, and a large agency, in addition to their incumbent. Each was engaged in a due diligence process and given a month to learn about his company. They were given the opportunity to look at everything from capabilities to product roadmaps. In the end, it was the mid-sized agency that won because they were most familiar with the challenges the company would be facing.

What to do when the CMO leaves.

Every new CMO is brought in for a reason. It means something is happening within the company. Either it needs to grow to the next level, it’s shifting its business model, or it needs to perform better. Regardless, don’t take the relationship for granted. You need to get in there and understand why the new CMO is there and what they’ve been asked to do.

Remember: landing the client isn’t the end of the work.

Agencies are doing one thing right.

Agencies are being more holistic in their work and taking more thematic and portfolio approaches when it comes to media. Looking at everything from multi-touch to multi-screen to how SEM works with SEO, and how it all works together is something that agencies are doing right. If that describes your agency, keep up the good work!

The #1 thing you can do right now.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Make sure that you are managing expectations by understanding the client’s business. ” quote=”Make sure that you are managing expectations by understanding the client’s business. “]

Make sure that you are managing expectations by understanding the client’s business. Be realistic and give measurable improvements. Realistic expectations make the relationships work better.

Evan says, “iterate to be great.”

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