How to Position Yourself as an Authority and Convince Them to Invest… #AskSwenk Ep 2

  Question #1 – How to steer clear from commodity pricing Shirley asks, “How do I position myself as a brand […]

What are the big brands looking for in an agency?

Do you want to know the #1 thing is that you need to stop doing when pitching to a big brand? In […]

There’s No Such Thing as a BAD Agency Client

I am going to start off telling you something that you will disagree with in the beginning…. There is no such […]

What Can You Do Better in Your Agency’s Business Development?

In this session of The Smart Agency Master Class, I chat with Joe Koufman who gives us insights into setting up technology to […]

How to Qualify a Prospect Quickly So You Don’t Waste Time

I ask you – is all revenue good? No, it is not! You need to be turning down work that isn’t […]

How to Land Big Name Clients and Keep Them Happy

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#1 Thing Agencies Need To Do To Land the Big Clients

In this episode I’m happy to welcome Del Ross. He was the Vice President of Sales & Marketing of InterContinental Hotels Group […]

How to Speed Up the Agency Sales Process by Over 100%

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How a Survey Generated over $100,000 in Agency Business

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Budgets Are Overrated. Here’s the First Thing You Need to Figure Out When Talking to a Prospect

Think back to the last conversation you had with a lead. You probably started asking them questions about their budget, who […]

3 Questions You Need to Answer to Win More Agency Business

If someone from your team came to you and said the company needs to spend $50,000 on this website, what information […]

How My Agency New Business Increased Profits by 40%

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The #1 Question You Can Ask When You Are About To Lose An Opportunity Over Price

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There’s 2 Ways to Win Every Agency Pitch! Which One Is For You?

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3 Questions to Ask That Makes Them 20X More Likely to Buy More

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How an Agency Generated New Business of $252K Revenue at a Tradeshow

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How to Attack your Business Development Like a SHARK

[clickToTweet tweet=”Would you like to win most of the business you #pitch as well as get the clients you want? via […]

Learn How to Land the Big Name Clients & Keep Them Happy

Find out how John Waddy of TwentySix2 Marketing landed accounts ranging from Coke, AutoTrader, Microsoft, and Verizon Wireless. TwentySix2 Marketing has been […]

How to Get Paid On Value and Not Time

Are you the Bentley or the Volkswagen? Bentley is owned by Volkswagen but why does the Bentley demand more value? Currently, agencies […]

How To Make Sure You Are Not Leaving Money on the Table With Your Proposals

By Jason Swenk The first objective in talking with a prospect is to gauge their budget. One of the many techniques […]