How to Get the Fortune 1000 Executives to Call You

By Jason Swenk on July 29, 2014

How to Get the Fortune 1000 Executives to Call You

Here’s what worked for me to get the Fortune 1000 executives to call me.

Warning! This is only for businesses that are targeting the Fortune 1000 companies. This will not work for smaller companies.


Ok, so lets jump to it… We all struggle with trying to find ways in the doors of the big companies. Everyone wants to work with them. We have tried email marketing, cold calls, partners, etc. You name it, people have tried it.

But here’s something that no one does and it can work for you. Interested? Of course you are!

Here’s what you need to do in order to get the BIG Companies calling you:

  1. Write a single page letter that describes an opportunity that they are missing and make sure you don’t get too detailed. Do not tell them about your business.  For example, I have something to show you that can increase Amazon’s sales by 15% and all it takes is 15 minutes. Leave mystery so you can’t get a no. Are you interested enough to hear more? [You may want to listen to the International Hotel Group episode]
  2. Then I want you to use their website to find out five or six people who might be in charge of making a decision about this opportunity. Use all their names in the “to” line” of the letter. When they get the letter, you want them to see all the people that are on the list.
  3. You then need to print the six letters and highlight one name on each.
  4. Put each letter into its own yellow interoffice envelope.
  5. Call the company and ask for mail room. When transferred ask the name of the person that answers the mail room phone and hangup.
  6. Then Fedex the letters to the mail room clerk, by name, with a sticky note on it that says “please distribute.”

They are then required to distribute the letters to the people you identified.

What’s happens is that everyone will contact one another about the letter to see who’s responding to you. They don’t want one person to say yes and then some to say no, or vice versa. Then they will assign one person to deal with you and respond.

There you have it. This whole process would take me a total of 15 minutes per company, and this would work almost every time. You just need a compelling opportunity that gets their attention.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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