3 Questions You Need to Answer to Win More Agency Business

By Jason Swenk on March 11, 2014

If someone from your team came to you and said the company needs to spend $50,000 on this website, what information or questions would make you feel comfortable making a purchase of that size?

According to Ian Altman, the three questions needed to make a confident, informed decision are:

3 sales questions to ask

  1. What problem does it solve or why do I need it?
  2. What is the likely outcome or results?
  3. Why buy from this vendor? (a distant third)

Did you notice, “What is it?” isn’t on the list, but oddly that is what most marketing and selling professionals focus on – explaining their products and services.  Instead, you should focus on proactively answering the above three questions.

[ctt title=”People are very intuitive and can pick up on fluff and BS. Instead, be genuine and build trust to win the sale.” tweet=”People can pick up on fluff and BS. Be genuine and build trust to win the sale. http://ctt.ec/s5e22+ via @jswenk #agencygrowth” coverup=”s5e22″]

Instead of saying “We are the best. Look at all of our work.” focus on promoting yourself as a problem solver for your potential client, clearly stating what you are going to solve and the end result. By focusing on being a problem solver, you can weed through potential clients who don’t have a big need for your product or service.  This also disarms the potential client from thinking you are trying to scam them or sell them something they don’t need.

Here is an example of something you might use on your website:

“Our best clients are people that struggle with these issues. If you’re facing these issues, we might be able to help. Click here, so we can learn more about you, and see if we can help. If we cannot, we can direct you to someone that can.”

This approach is more realistic and builds trust. It tells the prospect what problems you can solve and disarms them from thinking you are going to try to sell them something they don’t need.  This is also works great for search engines, since most prospects are searching for solutions to their problems.

So, by changing  “learn more about our products and services” to “how can we can help you?” you can increase your sales and build a reputation as an agency that helps people versus an agency that just sells creative, websites or digital services.

Are you marketing and selling with these questions in mind now? Interested in other strategies to get your agency to the next level?

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