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Increase Your Agency Profitability by Having the Right Internal Processes

In this episode, we’ll cover: How to fix the #1 problem every agency experiences. 3 ways to standardize your internal processes and […]

How to Sell a Digital Agency & What’s My Ad Agency Really Worth?

Got questions about selling your agency? I often get asked things like: “what’s my agency worth?” or “how can I increase my […]

Why Your Top Line Revenue Doesn’t Mean Sh!t

In this episode, we’ll cover: Why revenue isn’t everything. 2 ways to tackle profitability. How to get past the excuses and […]

How to Get the Bigger Agency Clients with the Bigger Budgets #AskSwenk 50

This week is all about budgets…  that is, client budgets. What to do when clients lower the budget during a project, strategies […]

2 Strategies That Increased Agency Revenue 4X in One Year

In this episode, we’ll cover: 2 strategies that helped quadruple agency revenue & client list in one year. How to select your […]

Should You White Label Agency Services?… #AskSwenk ep 49

All about white labeling agency services… from whether you should white label in order to work with big brands, to charging for it […]

What is a Healthy Profit Margin for a Digital Agency?

In this episode, we’ll cover: What your digital agency profit margin should be. How to improve agency profit margins. 7 tips to healthy agency […]

Sharing Agency Finances with Key Employees… #AskSwenk 48

Figuring out the right level of transparency to have with employees about agency finances. How much should they know in order to […]

Are You Committing Any of the 7 Deadly Agency Sins?

In this episode, we’ll cover the 7 deadly agency sins that owners commit in their own marketing, and how to quit sinning […]

Pros/Cons of Merger, Competitive Pricing and Scaling a Creative Agency… #AskSwenk 47

Discover the pros and cons of a merger with an agency that has complimentary services. Determine if you are competitively priced in […]

Building the Right Sales Team to Grow Your Agency

In this episode, we’ll cover: Understanding and overcoming common sales team problems. A NO FAIL cold call strategy for agencies. Building […]

New Agency Owner? When to Hire & How to Set Up Systems… #AskSwenk ep 46

Answers to some great questions from a new agency owner about starting and growing an agency still in it’s infancy stage. We’ll cover […]

How One Agency Doubled Business by Giving Work to Other Agencies

In this episode we’ll cover: How one agency doubled business in just six months by giving work to other agencies. Building […]

Getting Referrals, Employees Freelancing & Video Marketing… #AskSwenk 45

Discover a great strategy for getting referrals, settle the debate about letting employees freelance and get some great tips on video […]

Why Agencies Need to Monitor Analytics, Not Just Report Them

In today’s episode, we’ll cover: What agencies are doing wrong with analytics reporting. 4 steps you need to improve client analytics. […]

Finding, Hiring, Paying & Managing Agency Sales Reps… #AskSwenk ep 44

Everything you need to know about finding, hiring, paying and managing great sales reps to CRUSH IT in your agency new […]

Starting a Podcast to Gain More Agency New Business

In this episode, we’ll cover: 4 big reasons every agency should have a podcast. Common fears of podcasting and how to […]

What You Need To Know To Profitably Sell Your Agency… #AskSwenk 43

Curious about selling your agency? This episode covers how to determine your agency’s current value and what you can do to […]

What To Do When A Client Files Suit Against Your Agency

In this episode, we’ll cover: The warning signs of a project that’s going south. Why it’s so important to have documented […]

Employee Profit Sharing, Referral Commission & Hourly to Retainer…. #AskSwenk ep 42

Is employee profit sharing a good idea? If and how to compensate clients for referral business. How to convert a longtime […]

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